A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Developer: Marcus Forsberg

Game info:
Brain Dead Warfare is a 2D shooter game with upgradeable weapons and multiple maps. Survive through hordes of zombies and defeat the big bosses named Primes. Level up your weapon to aqcuire points that can be applied to the weapons for better fire damage, movement speed or magazine capacity and select between three player characters in the loadout screen before battling the zombies. Whilst battling the zombies you can unlock new camos for your weapons and complete the perk challenges to make them pro. Earn crystals by killing zombies and buy your way through the map or buy support weapons such as grenade launcher and machine gun.

General info:
This is a 2D project that I started creating in Godot Engine in end of january 2021 and this is the result so far. The game is in one man development currently and more content will be added in future updates so I will need all the help I can get to progress forward. Want to help out? Contact me on my email or leave a comment on this page.

Some features in game:
• Multiple upgradeable weapons
• Customize weapons with different camos
• Customize your character with different perks
• Character selection


Version 0.1.0 [2021-01-28]
Version 0.2.0 [2021-02-11]


(windows) Brain Dead Warfare.rar 280 MB
(Mac OSX) Brain Dead Warfare.zip 352 MB

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